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Why Vinyl?

Attractive, durable, and a good value

Today’s Vinyl flooring (also called Luxury Vinyl Flooring, or LVF) is like a chameleon—designed to replicate the world’s most beautiful wood, stone, and ceramic flooring with amazing realism. But unlike those floors, you can put it almost anywhere. Now we have gone one step further with our new Enhanced Vinyl Plank—Floorté.

Layers of Floorte

Why Shaw?

Best designed, best tested, best value

One thing that makes Shaw different is great designers who create innovative styles. Designs pulled from everything—an olive tree, a weathered door, a piece of hardware. Edgy and stunning, our designs range from rustic to contemporary to traditional to enhance any home.

The other big Shaw difference is world class quality control and due diligence. Manufacturing standards are extremely high—so you know what you get is the best…in technology, care and maintenance, and consistency.

  • Our ultra-durable wear layers—12 mil and 20 mil.
  • We have stock and the ability to deliver when you need it.
  • Shaw’s Fold-n-Tap™ locking systems are Tuff-Tested for stability and strength. In testing, casters rotate across the surface repeatedly; each Shaw floor endures at least 25,000 rotations without harm (while a main competitor fails at 9,000 rotations).
  • Floorté floors are waterproof and are an excellent choice for pet-friendly households and any home’s laundry room, kitchen, or bath. But you’ll want it for living areas, too.

Floorté waterproof story!

Lifeguard core protects against all of life's liquid mishaps

Waterproof? Yes, waterproof! Water will not damage Floorté EVP. Here’s why: First, we’ve combined PVC and resins to create an enhanced proprietary Lifeguard™ core that water simply can’t penetrate. Second, the Fold-n-Tap™ profile blocks water at the seams.

So…no water absorbed at the seams, no water absorbed by the plank itself. Completely waterproof product*. Put it just about anywhere. Really.

*The product Floorté™ is waterproof, however, excessive moisture in the subfloor could promote mold, mildew, and other moisture related issues like the trapping of moisture emissions under the flooring, which may contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment. See the Shaw Floorté warranty for details on coverage and exclusions.

Don’t rip it up—COVER it up!

Dimensionally stable flooring covers a multitude of inequities

No messy floor prep here. Because Floorté is rigid and dimensionally stable, it easily goes over your existing subfloor—concrete, osb, plywood—you name it. Functioning a bit like a bridge, Floorté rests on the old floor without conforming to its lumps and bumps. Strong, stable, lasting…and easy!